May be I was just meant for it💞

And….I felt in love! I was just three when I played with coriander stems instead of toys😂and used to roll those small chapatis for my grandfather for whom it meant a lot and tho he wasn’t well and was on liquid diet used to eat for me to make me feel happy and I miss him alot😔😔that was just the starting of my journey to my first love❤️️whom I can love unconditionally! Who will never ever betray me😘and who has always been there for me to make me cool down. It’s been my first priority always❤️️and when I was 13 I realised how much I love it 😍When being with my grandmom in kitchen excited me always! She was the only inspiration and I used to get happy being with her listening to various food stories 💞And food became my life😍When others watch cartoons I used to watch cookery shows. And watching these I  came across Nigella😍on television which changed the whole perspective of mine about cooking. It is an art😍it is not a human from whom I expect love in return but it’s more than a human because It  gives me contentment which a human cannot😍 A state of satisfaction. This how I met my first love💘😍

  I want you to be forever with me❤️️

                  I love you❤️️❤️️

And I will be sharing delicious recipes and make you fall in love with them at first bite💞coz always remember food is love made edible❤️️

Get ready 😍


Author: Loveatfirstbite❤️️

The tiny one with not so tiny dreams💕 A dreamer😍 Food is my life💞

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